Martial Arts And The Impact It Has On Individuals, Specifically Violent Adolescents

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This paper focuses on Martial Arts and the impact it has on individuals, specifically violent adolescents. The purpose of the research was to discover what individuals are gaining from the Martial Arts, how it can be a healthy alternative to violence and how those with mental health, behavioral or social issues can benefit. What is it about the Martial Arts that brings people in? What are individuals gaining that they can’t get at a gym or fitness center? What are the benefits for adults and children with behavior or social issues? Can Martial Arts be a healthier alternative to violent adolescents? Some believe that it is counter productive to enroll a violence adolescent in a Martial Arts program and it will only give the individual more skills to use in a negative way. However, participating in the Martial Arts gives individuals a feeling of belonging and having a group of individuals like them to connect with and actually helps channel their aggression in a positive way.
The Martial Arts has been around for many years and has been proven to be a beneficial practice for fitness, self defense and self confidence among many other things. “For the past 30 years or so, American parents have noticed that the Martial Arts teach their children about respect, discipline, hard work, sacrifice and humility. Children are likewise taught that they should walk away from trouble, lose the ego and fight only as a last resort.” ( It also can benefit individuals that…

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