Martha Rinaldi Essay

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Martha Rinaldi, an enthusiastic and over-ambitious Marketing MBA graduate, accepted position at Potomac Waters over Deep Dive Pizza. She made this after carefully analyzing both the organizations (Exhibit 1) and then choosing her career growth and development over the monetary benefits. An intelligent career decision turned out to be a struggle as her relations worsened with her teammate and manager leading towards the decision of whether to stay or to switch internally or accept the standing offer at a smaller company.
Problems as seen by Martha
On Job Learning & Training issue: Her basic motive in joining Potomac Waters was that she will be provided with the extensive learning and trainings in marketing field. Since
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I believe that Jamie felt insecure from Martha mainly because she was hired under the MBA graduates policy which was being monitored by the Julius Bautista. Secondly, he had a Bachelor degree whereas Martha had a Master degree also and that to in the relevant field. This behavior is supported by his stereotypical remark “know-it-all MBA’s”. What seems to me is that he was trying to get rid of her by worsening the conditions. He was already frustrated as he was not promoted and his promotion seemed more challenging incase Martha outperformed him.
According to Herzberg’s Two-Factor Theory, her failure to achieve good interpersonal relations with peers, status and manager issues imply that she is dissatisfied because of hygiene factors. The work quality and responsibility issues imply that she was low on motivation factors thus an overall demotivation and discontentment (Exhibit 4).
Had Martha’s understanding of the above concerns would have definitely helped her situation.
Possible Solutions
Stay at her current position: Staying at her current position will not be contributing at all to improving her frustration and impatience. It is certain that she won’t be receiving any training. On the worst side, things might never improve for her.
Looking at the bright side, if she masters the situation and is able to turn around the department; her needs will for self-actualization and self-esteem will be fulfilled. She will be high on

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