Marshall's Processing Plant Case Study Summary

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Register to read the introduction… In Likert system III consultitative organization is used. In this system before decisions are made employees are consulted and their views are taken into consideration (p. 50). Some ways to incorporate the Likert system III include: letting the teams prioritize the topics. As long as management has been clear about what is not up for debate, what is should be left to the teams to prioritize. This allows the workers to discuss the issues they find the most prevalent to them as the people on the “front line”. Another way to incorporate the Likert III system is to share data. Decisions that have been shaped by the employees that actually made a positive difference for the company and its workers should be shared with the workers. Show the employees what worked- and what didn’t, and why. And finally a simple suggestion that supports System III is that meeting minutes should be kept and posted for all to …show more content…
Team management displays high concern for people and high concern for production, the best of both worlds. Some ways to accomplish this management style might be give employees a big picture scenario. Tell employees what you need and if they can come up with a way to increase production and decrease costs, we can provide this (whatever it may be) for you with a portion of the savings. This could be one extra PTO day per year or a company retreat or something along those lines. Provide degrees of participation opportunities. A worker may want to be involved but perhaps they have several young children and a spouse that works nights and there is no way they can stay to attend meetings or come in early- consider these factors. Make sure there are several ways to get involved, contribute and participate and at varying levels. Another point to consider about participation- let team members decide when to have the meetings. Are you asking your employees to arrive at work earlier or stay late for these meetings? Are you asking that they give up something to participate? And finally, address all suggestions made, never leave employees wondering “what happened to the idea we pitched two months ago about xyz?” Lack of response indicates lack of interest or care and makes workers feel not valued. Once these ideas were ready to be implemented I would

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