Marshal Mcluhan Essay

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We live in a world, which is dominated with technology. Marshall McLuhan theorized that technology will and has become an extension of the human body in order to improve on it and better its functional value and we shall all be united in a “Global Village”. In this essay, I shall cover some information about Marshall McLuhan, his theories, and analyze the Nintendo Wii gaming console using a tetrad of questions to explain his theory.
Marxism and Capitalist Society
At its core, Marxism critically analyses HYPERLINK "" \o "Critique of capitalism"capitalism and the theory of HYPERLINK "" \o "Social change"social change. They aim for a
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Hot and Cool Media
In Understanding the Media, McLuhan stated that different media encourage different levels of participation. If you look at a photograph for example, very little participation is needed from the viewer in order to complete the photographer’s point of view or message. Because we single out one sense, and stimulate it above all the other, we would refer to this as “HOT” Media. In contrast to this, McLuhan used the example of a Comic, which gives us very little information, and encourages the reader’s participation to fill out the blanks in order to actually fully understand and enjoy the content. This is known as “COOL” Media
Because Hot Media does not encourage as much participation, McLuhan states that more could be learned from Cool Media. He used the difference between a Lecture and a Seminar as another example. Seminars and Workshops normally encourage participation from its attendees, where a lecture is simple based on a classroom environment where there is a “teacher” and “students”.
According to McLuhan, we are leading more and more into a society dominated by “HOT” media because the extensions of technology are becoming more independent of human operation and interaction. Many of these extensions aid in our everyday life in order to make it easier for us. However, are we at the point where technology almost does not ‘need’ US

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