Mars : The Planet Earth Essay

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I. Introduction to Mars
Mars, the red planet, is the fourth planet from the sun and is located directly after the planet Earth. Mars is the second smallest planet in our solar system right after Mercury. Mars is named after the roman god of war. However, it is often just referred to as the red planet. This is due to iron oxide that is found on the surface that gives it its reddish look.
(Lawler, 2015)
Though we do not know who exactly discovered Mars, we do know that the first person to theorize that Mars was a planet was Nicolaus Copernicus. “Nicolaus Copernicus is the first astronomer to postulate that Mars and a few other bodies known at the time were planets. The heliocentric theory that he published in 1543 marked the first time that astronomers widely considered the possibility that the Sun was the center of the Solar System instead of the Earth” (Coffey, 2015). Mars has two moons that orbit it, Phobos, and Deimos. “Phobos and Deimos, were discovered by American astronomer Asaph Hall over the course of a week in 1877. Hall had almost given up his search for a moon of Mars, but his wife, Angelina, urged him on” (Choi, 2014). We currently have a couple of rovers that are located on Mars that have been carrying out scientific studies on the planet. One of the things that they have been doing is looking for evidence that would support that Mars could have once sustained life. So far we have found evidence that we think is proof that water once flowed on Mars. Currently…

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