The Marriott: Key Player Within The Hospitality Industry

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the classic characters and story lines. Additionally, Marriott is another key player within the hospitality industry.
The Marriott name is synonymous with the hospitality and hotel industry as it has been an industry leader for more than 90 years. The Marriott history started off differently than you might expect as they initially franchised a root beer stand and continued to expand until the historic shift to the hotel industry in 1957. Even from its beginning, Marriott has been revolutionary (first in-flight catering, first east coast drive-in restaurant) and that still rings true as Marriott now encompasses 30 brands in 126 countries, over 6,400 properties, and over 100 million loyalty members (Marriott, 2017). The Marriott brands are divided into nine groups (distinctive luxury, classic luxury, distinctive premium, classic premium, distinctive select, classic
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After Chick-fil-A past KFC in total sales with only having half the number of stores, KFC welcomed a much needed change. In 2015 they started a “Re-Colonelization” movement invoking the memory of Colonel Sanders, rediscovering their menu, renovating its restaurants, and retraining employees across the United States to start making chicken the hard way as they did many years ago (Taylor, 2016). The new commercials sprinted across all media platforms including a diverse cast of Colonels spiked sales whether you loved or hated them, they certainly invoked a reaction. KFC admits that is just the start as the consistency and quality of the product needs to be as original intended and what brought Yum Brands to where it is today. This reemergence is focused on redirecting operations towards content rather than being trendy. All things considered, these three hospitality industry leaders are very similar in some of their strategic marketing

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