Marriage Should Live Together Before Marriage Essay

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Today seventy percent of women aged thirty to thirty four have cohabited with a male partner, and two-thirds of new marriages take place between couples who have already lived together for an average of thirty one months (Smith). A majority of people who cohabitate are less religious couples. Relationships are a very tough situation to be a part of, a person has to think of the right way to act on a date, dress to impress, and establish similar views as their partners. What would it be like for a couple who moves in together after saying their vows and after the final kiss of the ceremony? How does one know that their partner they promised to spend the rest of their life with is the same person behind the closed doors of their own home? Couples should live together before marriage to be more prepared for what is after the ceremony.
The percentage of men and women who tend to cohabitate has gone up about nine hundred percent in the last fifty years. In 1960 they used to call couples cohabitation “Living with a sin”(Smith). It was not nearly as socially acceptable as it is today due to the high amounts of strict religion in the past. In 1968 my grandma got married to a man that she didn’t live with before marriage; she divorced him not to many years after. She had always told me from day one “If I ever would have lived with him before we got married, I would never have married him.” If it was socially acceptable for the to live together before hand they would not…

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