Essay on Marriage Should Be A Permanent Relationship

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The Bible explains that marriage is to be a permanent relationship because God has established it in his master design. Marriage is supposed to be permanent because it is a covenant between a husband, wife and God that cannot be broken. The Bible also follows up with this by explaining the sacredness of marriage. Marriage is to be a sacred bond between man and women as it is written in our master divine plan. It 's sacred because God has blessed it and ordained it so. Next the Bible tells us about the importance of intimacy of marriage. The intimacy of marriage is very important because it is where a husband and wife become one flesh. Another important factor in marriage is mutuality. The significance of mutuality means the husband and wife are equal in every way shape or form. However, husband and wife have different roles to play in a marriage. The husband is supposed to take on all responsibilities of the family whereas the wife must submit to her husband as a “suitable helper”. Walter A. Elwell states that it’s very unlikely that a woman was considered to be inferior in a marriage. With every marriage comes with the blessing of exclusiveness. Exclusiveness means that no other human relationship can come between a marriage.
God views marriage as legal when it 's performed by the laws of the land. This means filling out paperwork or whatever is asked of the couple to be legally joined in marriage. The Bible informs that a couple must also have performed some type of…

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