Pride And Prejudice Lizzy Bennet Character Analysis

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Women of the 19th century were beaten. Not physically, but emotionally bullied into a corner by society. During the Regency Period women were forced to immoral marital standards set by society and men. Jane Austen depicts these heartless standards in her novel Pride and Prejudice set in England. Through Lizzy Bennet it is shown women marrying for wealth and social class yet, she is differs from the herd. Lizzy is one of the pioneer women seen that will not marry off just to escape being alone. Lizzy waits for true love before she is married, such as women today. Depicted through Lizzy, Jane Austen shows the multi-sided views of marriage in the 19th century through marrying for security, marrying for love, and what it was like already being …show more content…
Often, women were desperate to swiftly find a lad and marry off, never considering the love aspect as done today. Lizzy Bennet is among the first females to go against society 's expectations, seeming to be a lone fish swimming against the current. After Lizzy declines Darcys’ pathetic attempt at asking her hand in marriage, he realizes, "To win the love of such a woman is not easy, but Darcy believes it to be well worthwhile - she will love him, if ever she does, for himself, as she is not desperate to achieve great wealth or social status through marriage" ("Pride and Prejudice"). Lizzy Bennet differs from all the other female marrying in 1800s Britain. She will marry for love. Mr Darcy has to work to gain her love, he cannot simply achieve it by having money. He is proof that even with having to portray extra effort with Lizzy, it is for pure love. The satisfaction of wooing the woman that he loves should be enough for Mr. Darcy and other men. Jane Austen states, “A lady 's imagination is very rapid; it jumps from admiration to love, from love to matrimony in a moment” (Austen 55). Falling quickly in love was not uncommon during this time period. But Lizzy,and partly Jane, go against this traditional thought of women, never jumping at the exterior of a man. With the push of Lizzy, the idea of marrying for love is an extreme breakthrough from the suppressing standards put on women by society and

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