Marriage Is The Only Way Of Gaining Understanding Essay

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Before May 17, 2004 marriage was illegal in the U.S.; man and woman--as god created us--were only able to get married. Recently marriage is being debated and acknowledge especially in America. Retrospecting marriage is the only way of gaining understanding and residing to a solution. I believe and so do our ancestors marriage is the intimate union and equal partnership of a man and a woman. It comes to us from the hand of God, who created male and female in his image, so that they might become one body and might be fertile and multiply upon the earth. Younger generations express higher levels of support for same-sex marriage.(pewforum) With that mention the younger generation are being influenced by society. Growing up as a child in Africa same sex was not an option. We were blind to these affiliations. We viewed same sex as an influencing sin. It was not allowed to exhibit gay to the environment because they believed to show these god offending sins it would inflict messages to the public that will conjure the state of mind to accept and test these new formation. As that said if homosexuals were saw, their misguidance would build a community in which we the kids would take into consideration. Seeing woman and man together is the natural order of things. They believe marriage should be an affection of love shown to man, woman, with god that was legalized to the public on a document. Without woman reproductive system put to work creation of spring will no longer be…

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