Marriage Is Pointless Essay: Marriage Is Pointless

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Marriage is Pointless
What is the point of marriage? Is it to show love and dedication for another person or is it just a temporary phase in life that one will soon grow out of? Most say it is to love another person for the rest of their life. Although marriage is a ritual we are taught as children, it ought to be one that is broke, due to the adverse effects it has; such as a loveless marriage, unhappiness, infidelity, and ultimately leading to divorce.
The expectations we as people set for marriage and love surpass the reality of it. We as “Americans tend to marry for love”, typically we do not marry someone unless we love them (Campbell and Wright 329). Moller goes on to note that if a “clairvoyant inform[ed] us that marriage to so-and-so,
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Campbell and Wright state that “a primary reason for [infidelity] ... is American[s] focus on personal fulfillment as a basis for marriage” (Campbell and Wright 331). This means that people are more concerned about having their needs met than trying to meet the needs of their partner. So when one spouse is not satisfied in the marriage, because either they are putting in effort and their partner is not or vice versa, it is leading to infidelity and ultimately divorce. But why are we selfish, when we want the same things in return from our spouse? It can be assumed that many people turn selfish, because they are losing their personal freedom once entering into a marriage. One does not think about all the personal freedoms they are giving up once entering a marriage. Instead of the focus being on ourselves and our happiness, once in a relationship it is focused on someone …show more content…
It is rare to hear of a couple that is in their 70’s and has been together since they were 20, it does not usually end up working out like that. Divorce used to be very uncommon decades ago, now “researchers estimate that 40%–50% of all first marriages, and 60% of second marriages, will end in divorce” according to Utah State University (Utah State 41). When seeing these statistics it is hard to think positive of marriage. If most people are marrying their “soul mate” then why is the divorce rate so high? Not only do half of all marriages end in divorce, but there are some marriages in which couples stay together even though they are unhappy. Campbell and Wright note that people tend to stay in unhappy marriages because of financial or social pressures, as well as promises they made to themselves, each other, or to God (Campbell and Wright 331). It is sad and unfortunate that unhappy couples feel obligated to stay together, because of how people will perceive them or because of financial situations. So when thinking about marriage there is a slight chance that one will have a happy marriage, a greater chance that they will be unsatisfied and married, and even a greater chance that their marriage will lead to

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