A Married Couples Marriage: A New Generation

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Marriage is just a piece of paper When people think of marriage they think of a wedding, wedding rings, a party, happiness, family, and living together. Most people decide to get married when they feel they have found their true love. While some people may be getting married for money, obligation, benefits, race, gender, age, or cultural beliefs, the meaning of marriage is the purpose of being united, committed, and supportive, but people are still capable of doing all this without being married. The new generation thinks marriage is just a piece of paper since they could still do everything a married couple can do. A paper does not guarantee a couple to be successful in the relationship. There are certain differences between married couples …show more content…
In this new generation many people move in together, and if the relationship works out they decide to get married later on. This avoids them getting a divorce in case the relationship does not work out. It is crazy to marry someone without living with them at first. You need to test the relationship, so you can know if you will both be able to live in the same roof with this person for the rest of your life. A strong relationship depends on many things like commitment, communication, trust, support, and caring for one another. If any of these aspects start to fail, then that is when the relationship starts to fail as well. For example, good communication skills are when a couple is able to communicate, and understand each other’s expressions. Strong relationships are also based on trust, and feeling confident about themselves. For example, the couple should help each other feel confident that they have both made a promise to each other, and they will both be committed to the love, and honesty they promise to provide. Caring for each other in a relationship should display kindness, and concern for one another. The act of all these does not change the commitment, communication, trust, support, and being caring between a married couple, and an unmarried couple. This also makes it clear if the couple will be able to have a good relationship before having children, because who wants to have kids with someone their going to divorce later on? By moving in together couples then can see if this relationship will work out for the

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