Marriage Is Essential For The Surviving Of Humanity Essay

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Marriage is the strongest bonding in human relationships that can connect men and women through all ages. However, it 's one of the most popular tradition that is being practicing in all cultures since the beginning of the time until now. Marriage is essential for the surviving of humanity on this planet. The human race are found on life with many instincts that can be fed, controlled and saved by marriage. Due to the importance of marriage, all religions and cultures are considering marriage as a holy sacred practice to do in the community. They devoted a huge part of their traditions, teachings, values, habits and duties in order to apply marriage in a way that fits its importance. Regardless in which way is the best, marriage will be still having the same meaning everywhere.
Marriage can be described in many features such as commitment, responsibilities, love, desire, sharing, friendship, security, family, happiness, and stability. All of these features or at least most of them are goals for every human. These features could be achieved in other bonding than marriage depends on every culture 's views but marriage is the best organized way to keep these features permanent. However, marriage can keep these features permanent because it has the strongest foundation, principles and the perfect environment where these features can be achieved.
The main required components of marriage to be established are the male and the female. These both genders are what the marriage…

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