Marriage Is An Essential Major Key Point For A Healthy Relationship

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Couples take the easy way out by coming to a decision that divorce is the right solution to all their tribulations instead of solving those ridiculous problems through devoting their life to love, saving their marriage. Marriage is supposed to be a one-flesh relationship made by God, human beings are not allowed to end this precious relationship for asinine reasons. Another way to call marriage is a “covenant”, according to the Old Testament (Brewer 1). The belief of this cherished covenant was embraced through benedictions, curses, mutual concern between the married couple, loyalty, and especially, love (Brewer 2). Love is the essential major key point for a healthy relationship. However, there is an enormous growth of divorces in the current trend. Generally, when the marriage vows based on faithfulness has been broken, divorces are applied by the couple (Brewer 213). Divorces became more efficient since it is more straightforward and cheap to apply for.
Every married couple should learn to adapt with the other partner in order to sustain a healthy marriage. According to the New Testament, Christians are not allowed to divorce their other half (Brewer 296). There are many factors that can dwindle the rates of divorces. Usually marriages will be destroyed for the reason that infidelity, abuse, and incompatibility in between a couple are on a rise. Marriage is not just a toy, to experiment it by playing and throwing it away if disputes occur, but a covenant made by God.…

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