Essay about Marriage Is A Common Occurrence

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Marriage is a significant event in one’s life; it is a right that individuals have to express their love and commitment to one another. Having a strong connection with someone they hold dear to their heart is an incredible feeling. The ability to speak with someone, and knowing that that person has their best interest at heart, is a treasured aspect of life. Having a relationship that is so deep and passionate can bring a person insurmountable happiness. Creating a bond in which a couple not only have a best friend, but a life partner, helping them through the good, bad, joyful, and sometimes ugly moments. Marriage is a sacred union between two individuals; that represents the utmost respect, love, trust, friendship, value, and lifelong commitment in which can be bestowed upon their chosen mate. Marriage is no longer represented as a sacred union between two individuals in our society; hard work and dedication to keep a union intact have become a thing of the past. Divorce has become a common occurrence in our society, and individuals no longer value marriage as previous generations had; marriage is no longer held in the highest regard, and people find it all too easy to forsake the commitment they had made in their vows. Marriage is a holy and sacred union in which a couple is bound to not only honor, love, respect, but to be fully committed to the person in which they choose to marry. Marriage is a lifelong commitment that requires hard work and dedication to see that the…

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