Comparing The Yellow Wall-Paper 'And Eros Turranos'

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“The Yellow Wall-Paper” talks about a woman going mad and “Eros Turranos” seems to talk about a wife complaining about her husband and committing suicide at the end. Both stories seem different from one another, but they share one thing in common, an unhappy marriage. Even though the narrator in “The Yellow Wall-Paper” seems to love her husband and the wife in “Eros Turranos” never left her husband, neither marriage seemed to be a happy marriage, however, for different reasons. John, the husband in “The Yellow Wall-Paper”, seemed to talk down to the narrator, like she was a child. He never actually listened to her concerns either. The husband in “Eros Turranos” seemed to not care about his image to the town and didn’t try to make it any better for his wife. Back then image was very important and he was ruining his and her image. Some people tend …show more content…
John would talk down to the narrator, ignoring all of her small wishes and worries. He didn’t seem to care about the human being that was his wife at all. He cared about the patient and did only what he thought he knew was the right thing to do. The husband from “Eros Turranos” knew what his wife thought of him and simply did not care. He wanted to do what he wanted to do. He did not put his wife anywhere in his life. The two husbands are alike in this way. They both seem to not care about the human being that they have the privilege of calling their wife. The narrator in “The Yellow Wall-Paper” seemed to love and respect her husband even though he would treat her like a child and wouldn’t listen to her. The woman from “Eros Turranos” didn’t seem to want to harm her image any more by leaving her husband even though he was ruining it by the day with whatever he was doing to betray her. They were both trapped in a marriage where they seemed to pretend they were happy but were really either going insane or dying on the

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