Song Analysis Of Rude

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Music is a way to know what’s going on in the world. Teens and young adults may not watch the news often, but a lot of the time artist make songs based on what’s going on at the time. In 2014 when pop group MAGIC! Released the song “Rude” it made a statement as to how the younger generation may think of marriage. When a father came out with his own version of the popular song, he reached what older people may think of marriage, and how one should go about it. The differences between “Rude” by MAGIC!, and the parody by Benji, and Jenna Cowart are, age, the tone, and what the father wants for the daughter.

In “Rude” by MAGIC the lead singer of the band was in his early 30s when the song was released. He wrote it about him wanting to marry a
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The lead singer in the song is a guy that as far as we know only sings in his garage with his band, and nothing more. The father wants his daughter to have something way more than a guy like so. When he says no he says”You say I 'll never get your blessing till the day I die/Tough luck my friend but no still means no!” That is enough to say to me that obviously this guy wants better for his daughter. The guy in the video that portrayed the arranged marriage the father has for her, has similar looks to the father, and seems to have some high paying …show more content…
The guy that he sings of is a guy that works making burgers, and fries, and lives in his mother 's basement. Now most parents wouldn’t want their daughter to marry a guy who still lives with his mother. There is nothing wrong with living with your mother, but in this case the guy is 28, and works minimum wage. I don 't know of anyone who allow their daughter to marry a guy that may believe that is a way of getting through life. The father wants his daughter to find a real love, not an arranged marriage by him, but a guy that can take care of

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