Marriage Has Long Been Associated With Love And Romance Essay

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Although marriage has long been associated with love and romance, an unhealthy marriage can pose serious complications on a family. With 49 percent of all marriages in the United States ending in divorce, divorced persons often consider remarriage, believing that the next partner they select is truly “the one” (Cox & Demmitt, p. 450, 2014). Although one would think that a person with previous marital experience would be more knowledgeable in what they are seeking in a new spouse (Cox & Demmitt, p. 485, 2014), love and marriage continue to deceive many people (Marano, para. 10-11, 2000). Furthermore, persons seeking remarriage following a divorce are left in a vulnerable state that cause them to make irrational decisions (Marano, para. 19, 2000). As a result, persons contemplating remarriage should consider the resources available to them before making such a commitment. Despite the many problems experienced in remarriage, only 25 percent of men and 38 percent of women seek counseling services (Cox & Demmitt, p. 489, 2014). Three particular programs that appear to facilitate the transition into a successful remarriage include The Stepfamily Foundation, Couples Counseling Couples, and Remarriage Preparation Programs offered by many Archdioceses across the United States. While remarriage is difficult enough to begin with, parents considering remarriage typically experience many more complications. With a higher divorce rate among remarriages with stepchildren, it is…

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