Marriage Equality And Voices For The Impotent Essay

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Marriage Equality and Voices for the Impotent.

Andrew Sullivan is a prolific and provocative gay writer born and raised in England. In his eye opening article “Why Gay Marriage Is Good for Straight America”, Sullivan contradicts the legal and religious stance on gay marriage expressing that being gay is not necessarily about being an outsider rather it was about being American. Through reading Sullivan’s piece, it is evident that he had a very painful childhood when he realized he could never be who he truly is, love whomever he wanted to, and have an epitomic marriage like his parents, Sullivan expresses that feeling to be a “deep psychic wound that takes years to recover from. It is to become psychologically homeless” (Sullivan 253).

I find Sullivan’s perspective quite compelling due to the arguments he put forth in the article. Being a homosexual, bisexual or a heterosexual is not a choice. Our sexual orientation is a characteristic that naturally comes to light as we grow up. Heterosexuals do not control how they feel towards the opposite sex so why do we heterosexuals think it is any different for homosexuals? I agree with Sullivan because this article is not only for gay marriage, it entails giving a voice to the weak and helpless which is vital for healthy living.

Furthermore, gay marriage would be good for straight America in light of the fact that it brings us one step closer to achieving marriage equality which would be “the distillation of America”…

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