Marriage Does Not Equal Happiness Essay

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Marriage Does Not Equal Happiness: Happiness Comes From Within Marriage does not necessarily lead to a life full of happiness and joy. Ernest Hemingway conveys this theme in his short story “Cat in the Rain.” The story revolves around the marriage between George and his wife, who is unnamed, while they are staying in a hotel in Italy. This is not an ideal marriage where the couple is happily in love, raising a family, or living life to its fullest. Hemingway portrays how the American wife struggles with her desires of affection, love, femininity and communication through the symbolism of her interpersonal and intrapersonal conflicts. The main cause of the wife’s lack of happiness originates from her marriage with George, since it is not a union based on love. A couple who loves each other enjoys the company of his/her partner more than anything else. In this short story, the husband spends the majority of his time reading a book, “lying propped up with two pillows at the foot of the bed” (Hemingway par. 8). A simple explanation for his action would be that it is raining outside; therefore, there is nothing to do being that they are tourists visiting Italy and are not in the comfort of their own home. However, he could have chosen to take advantage of this and spend a nice day inside with his wife, watching a movie, admiring the beauty of the war monument in the rain from the window, or simply speaking to her. The lack of interaction in this marriage causes the George…

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