Essay about Marriage & Divorce

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Marriage & Divorce

Marriages are known to be a lifetime commitment towards love & caring among

people. However most marriages these days seem to be failing due to the increasing

number of problems with the modern world. When these marriages end, the effects can

be devastating.

Why do people get married? Well it is a known tradition in humanity that a

woman and man will come together and live their lives as one. The most important

element that seems to have disappeared is love. Not just any love, but true, deep feeling

love. To keep a relationship clear, the love itself should be clear, not artificially placed. If

there is no well defined understanding of love, then is should obviously not be a
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During the 19th century

gradual change occurred. Mothers were first given custody of young children and

eventually of older children as well. Today, the trend is changing again, with many

couples opting for, or courts ordering, joint custody.

Several studies have been done to decipher which custody situation provides the

most security and stability for children of divorced families, but it remains that each

situation is unique and the individuality of the child(ren) must be the top consideration in

making these arrangements.

The decision for a couple to divorce is, at best, an emotionally difficult and

exhausting time. The decision is most difficult when there are children involved. Present

estimates predict that half of all marriages will end in divorce, with sixty percent of these

marriages involving children. Some couples will delay the decision to divorce until the

children are grown, in an attempt to avoid placing undue stress on them. However, during

this time, many parents become emotionally withdrawn and are unable to provide their

children with the support that they require. Depressed and angry parents often find

themselves unable to control their sexual urges or to provide the emotional comfort their

children crave, and some are so caught up in their own pain that they are not even aware

of their

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