A Divorce Game Analysis

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When it comes to marriage, divorce, and the name change game, most people have a solid opinion. Most have such a solid opinion, in fact, that they never question it. They don’t wonder if they’re going to take their spouse’s name or not when they get married. They already know their correct answer. They don’t wonder if they’re going to lose their spouse’s name or not if it comes to divorce. They already know their correct answer. Yet, even those who have never questioned what the “right” thing to do with their “married name” in the event of a divorce will often find themselves surprised by the number of questions and concerns that come to the foreground.

When it comes to the ending of a marriage, it would be amazing if we could all check what
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The annoyance of changing your name mid-life is enough to put some off even if they have the desire to ditch their married name. While the legal process to get it done is fairly easy to approach, some find the actual real life logistics of implementing the name once it has been changed to be extremely annoying and, at time, impossible. Have you ever tried to make a change to your cell phone account? For instance, maybe designate a different number as the one that receives text message reminders regarding the account status, data usage reminders, etc.? It can be nearly impossible. This is the same game you must play when attempting to get them to change your name on the account. It seems as if it should be a simple bit of typing in their computer system yet somehow, it is extremely hard for them to get it done.
4. Using your name in professional circles can sometimes be the factor that lends the most credence to keeping the married name even if instinct is pushing you to change it. Depending upon your career and the industry in which you work, your networking, publication status, and reputation may depend heavily on your name being “known” in the industry. In this case, some will incorporate a hyphened version of married and non-married names, but others opt to simply stick with the name they built their career on even if they have a personal wish to change it no matter what the

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