Essay on Marriage : Crime Or Act Of Human Nature

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Andrea Leach
Mrs. Arnett
English 1123
2 November 2014
Infidelity in Marriages: Crime or Act of Human Nature With the release of her new album, Fantasia Barrino seemed to be finding her way back to glory. All of her success was soon overshadowed by the ‘home-wrecker’ allegations that had become the topic of all media sources. Fantasia met Antwaun Cook in August of 2009 while visiting a local store, and soon after they began dating. In June 2012, Paula Cook, wife of Antwaun Cook, filed for a divorce and named Fantasia as a key reason for the dissolution of her and Antwaun’s marriage. It is unclear whether or not Fantasia knew of Antwaun’s marriage prior to the blossoming of their relationship. Although Antwaun was the one at fault, being as though he was the one married, Fantasia suffered all of the consequences. Not only was Fantasia shamed in the media, but she also faced the charges of alienation of affection and criminal conversation for the affair she had pursued with Antwaun. Infidelity within marriages is indeed a crime. Once an individual commits themselves to another and signs their marriage licenses, they are then bound by contract to forsake all others for their partner. Infidelity would be a breach of contract, thus making their act a crime. “Americans generally define marriage as a ‘mutual and voluntary commitment to a lifelong, monogamous partnership’” (Campbell 330). I am sure everyone defines a marriage as such, or at least I hope they do, but in some cases a…

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