Marriage By Cheryl Deedm A Relationship Between And Man And A Woman

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Cheryl Deedman made the assertion that ‘romance stories did not challenge the attractiveness of marriage’ and reflected the contemporary ideology that legal marriage was the sought after ending for a relationship between and man and a woman. She went on to elaborate on common messages in romantic stories that were aimed at women of all classes: ‘the notion that all women should marry, that women were responsible for maintaining their virtue and that women’s proper place was the domestic setting’. Thornton’s story hit all three, from the maintenance of the purity discussed in Chapter One through to her marriage and son that rounded out her domestic roles. Thornton’s son, named William in honor of His Majesty William IV, was born coincidentally nine months after the announcement of her marriage. The announcement itself was highly reflective not only of Thornton’s definitive return to the domestic setting but also of the Romantic literary influences of the period. The opening statement, ‘no more to invoke Penelope, this genuine Abeona, who, nine months ago, entered Hymen’s arena, and unlike Periboca, then wedded to Polyblus…’, indicated a heavy presence of both Roman and Greek mythology. Penelope was a figure in Greek mythology whose name was usually associated with marital faithfulness and Abeona was the Roman goddess of outward journeys, both of whom were apt comparisons with Thornton. A further remark, that Thornton had ‘proved that “Jack” can participate in the feelings…

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