Marriage Between Women And Women Essay

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In the early 19th century, marriages were considered the best of time. Men and women get together and create this so called happy marriage and happy family. The husband goes to work, leaving the wife home with the children. The wife depends on the husband for the economic supports to pay the bills and take care of general home chores. During this time, society view men as the strong one who have economic power while woman provides the nurturing care that they need to support their men. Once that relationship is built, no woman is to question their man ability but just nurture and support them. Even though both man and woman, having a separate role apart, they are incomplete without each other, making them need each other. Once married, society view every couple as a happy one but no one know the facts behind this. No one know that marriage at a point become problematic for women more than men because the men is known as the dominant one where he has all the power to control his wife and she can’t do nothing about it but just go along with his choice and trusting him. Men are considered the higher profession and are the one who take the lead in everything. The men don’t have to tell his wife what going on at work, or how does something work. Problem occur within the woman when her husband talk of a subject that she has no clue what is it. The husband doesn’t have to feel any shame on what he say especially in front of visitors. In the story, “Astronomer’s Wife,” by Kay…

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