Marriage Between Traditional Marriage And Same Sex Marriage Essay

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Does marriage have to be between a man and a women? Marriage was always been an enormous part of human society and relationships. Marriage defined in Merriam Webster, explains that marriage is the state of being united to a person of the opposite sex as a husband or wife in a consensual and contractual relationship recognized by the law. Though, to my own understanding of marriage is a unity of two people in a bond for eternity. A bond that upholds two people through emotional support, moral support and economic support. Consequently, in my own perspectives, I do not see the differences between a traditional marriage compared to a gay marriage, as both are marriages is a ritual joining of two people, wanting to build a life on their love for one another.
Granted, there should be no moral implications between traditional marriage and same-sex marriage. Since, love is innocently human; love is a singularity that can’t be defined. Therefore, when addressing the perception of gay marriage, one must first look at the meaning of marriage. The sanctity of marriage can be define in several different ways, through numerous perspectives. Although, many people judge the morality of gay marriage is morally wrong, due to the society’s perspective that marriage is profoundly presence between a man and a women. In addition, it would be ethically wrong to judge with the religious perspective of marriage being only between a man and a women. Further, establishing gay marriage would end in a…

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