Marriage and Family Therapy Essay

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Marriage and Family Counseling Research Paper
COUN 501-B43-Couselor Professional Identity, Function, and Ethics
Denna Harrison
Liberty University

Master of Arts in Professional Counseling
Fall 2012

The purpose of this paper is to examine the field of marriage and family counseling beginning with the history and development of the profession and its importance in the field of counseling. This paper will also evaluate five major themes relevant to Marriage and Family Therapy which include: ethical dilemmas in marriage and family counseling, premarital counseling qualifications of marriage and family therapists including licensure and certification. The biblical insight related to marriage and family therapy will also be
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Abrahams family was said to show favoritism to certain children, which continued for three generations.

When it comes to marriage counseling, Christian counselors believe marriage counseling helps couples to understand God’s pattern for husband-wife relationships, diagnoses unbiblical patterns and their root causes, and prescribes God’s solutions for soul change that leads to relational growth. Biblical marriage counseling should result in enhanced relationship: closeness with Christ, intimacy with your spouse, and a sense of greater peace.
Biblical insights involving to family counseling, the focus is solutions, not simply external solutions. Your counselor will help you to understand God’s design for healthy family living, will assist you to assess unhealthy and unbiblical ways of relating as parents and children, and will equip you to reconcile and grow in your family relationships.

Counselor Identity, Functions and Ethics of Marriage and Family Counseling
The practice of Marriage and Family counseling rest on the foundation of systems theory, which views psychological problems as arising from within the person’s present environment and intergenerational family system. (Corey, Corey, Callanan p.449 2011). The systems theory is very similar to the views on Christian Counselors as stated earlier; “Trouble is reproduced, but can also be stopped, in families and in generations of families”. Marriage and Family therapists

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