Jeannette University Case Study

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Marquette University
Two main customers groups of Marquette University are alumni and current college students. College students want Marquette University to help them succeed in school as well as in their careers. In addition, college students want help with the transformation from student to alumni. Alumni want to feel that they are still part of the university. Both college students and Marquette alumni want to network to get to know each other.
Since college student’s want to succeed in school, Marquette provides valuable resources that can help students achieve this goal. For example, Marquette offers the writing center for students who want help with a paper. Marquette also offers a tutoring program for many classes, and makes an effort
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College students realize the value of getting to know alumni because alumni can share valuable career advice, and even help a student get an internship or job. In addition, alumni also want to get to know the current Marquette students because many alumni actively recruit Marquette students for internships or jobs. Also, as stated before, alumni want to feel connected to the university. Interacting with Marquette students help alumni to feel that they are still part of the Marquette community. Therefore, Marquette should host alumni dinners in which college students and alumni can interact. In addition, Marquette should also have a mentor program in which Marquette alumni are paired with a student. This mentor program would be beneficial for both the alumni and the …show more content…
All together, they influence billions of dollars in family purchases. Marquette can capitalize on this trait by marketing Marquette products and services to those between the ages of 1998-2008 through social media, email, or advertisements. For example, Marquette could advertise basketball tickets or spirit wear to this group. This group would then ask their parents to purchase these products or services. If those born between the years 1998-2008 attend the basketball games, they may become Marquette basketball fans. This would be a way that Marquette could ensure relevance as a University. In addition, if Marquette could influence them to buy spirit wear, they will remember Marquette as a relevant university. Lastly, U.S. tweens and teens have hundreds of friends whose buying power and brand preferences they may influence. If students wear Marquette spirit wear around their friends, their friends will also start to see Marquette as a relevant

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