Marks & Spencer Operations Management Essay

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It has the capacity to process and ship up to a million products per week to customers’ homes and M&S stores across the country (Marks and Spencer, 2013).

Store Layout:
M&S has revamped its visual merchandising and window displays to do a better job of showcasing its products. The different fashion brand such as Per Una, Autograph, Indigo, Classic, North Coast, Blue Harbour, Cellezione and its core M&S Man and Woman will have dedicated ‘shop in shop’ area so that the in-store environment communicates each brand’s distinctive values. In the food department, M&S has refreshed the shelving with wood effect shelf edges to look less like a supermarket and more like a specialist (Baker, 2011). M&S store is therefore a mix of functional and fixed position layout type where general merchandise and food department operates in a functional layout type and the restaurant being the fixed position layout type.

M&S understands the growing importance and contribution of strong IT function to operate efficiently in the multi channel world. The role of technology is changing at M&S and as a result changing the company itself. Marks & Spencer rolls out ePLUM Enterprise Scale Manager from Invatron Systems Corp. to 37 of its European stores to centrally manage its in-store deli and bakery department scales. ePLUM Enterprise Scale Manager is a multi- vendor,

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