Essay on Marks and Spencer Advertising Strategy

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Marks and Spencer is an international multi-channel retailer that has been running for 129 years. It now operates in “over 50 territories worldwide” and employs “almost 82,000 people”, (Marks and Spencer plc, 2013). It’s dependence on its origin country; the UK is progressively being reduced due to its international focus. M&S’ UK turnover consists of 54% food and 46% general merchandise, including home ware, clothing, lingerie etc. It is currently growing its e-commerce and has expanded to the finance business with its M&S Bank branch.
Clothing has been lately an aspect of concern for the company, as sales of clothing have “slipped back for the ninth consecutive quarter”, (The Guardian, 2013). This has
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In terms of its target audiences, Marks & Spencer has always aimed to target different age groups, using its advertisements to expand the generations. By using well-known celebrities such as Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, David Gandy and Helena Bonham-Carter, it attracts customers from different segments, thus the main character Rosie can appeal to every woman, being neither too common nor too unattainable. However, although reaching out to an adult market segment with its range of winter clothes and festive feasts, M&S has widely aimed to target a younger market, thus engaging them in a wide Social Media campaign and well-known models.
In terms of its reach, the M&S advert was broadcasted to a mass audience by using ABT advertising and OL advertising. It is currently “wining the Christmas TV battle in terms of social, with 58.8 million mentions on Twitter and 160,000 interactions on Facebook”, (Kindred, 2013). The campaign also created a #magicandsparkle hashtag, which allowed the brand to measure further the impact on social networks, with it being mentioned over 3,500 times. The advert is available internationally with 948.533 views in Youtube and British TV cannels. The advert was first launched on TV 6th of November and is showing at a daily basis currently and

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