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Creating Customer Relationships and Value through Marketing
A hugge Japanese adult consumer preferred luxury brands, whereas the teenage crowd tended to frequent niche fashion shops to stay current with the latest trends. At the time, casual clothing in Japan was thought of as being either affordable but poorly made or of high quality but expensive. The market for casual clothing was also fairly limited, with people in general perceiving such informal wear to be trendy and impractical, and to cater mostly to younger people. Tadashi Yanai, the founder and chairman of Fast Retailing—the parent company of UNIQLO— set out to change all that, aiming to provide
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In 2007, it launched the UT project, a line of graphic tees featuring limited-edition designs by popular artists, photographers, designers, and musicians that included art director Peter Saville and Japanese photographer/artist Nobuyoshi Araki. In 2009, it signed a fashion consultancy deal with famed minimalist German fashion designer Heidemarie Jiline “Jil” Sander, and in 2011 her +J line—created exclusively for UNIQLO—received the 2011 Brit Insurance Award organized by London’s Design Museum. UNIQLO and Jil Sander parted ways after a two-year partnership, and in early 2012 UNIQLO announced the launch of its UU line, a new collaborative design project with famed Japanese designer Jun Takahashi. Customer Needs and Wants What do customers expect or desire when they purchase apparel? Are they mainly concerned about finding a wearable item at a reasonable price? The casual shopper is not looking for high-end, limited-edition designer labels or the latest trends; he or she is simply looking for something reasonably stylish, and available at a reasonable cost. This does appear to be a basic concern, and as such UNIQLO focuses on making its apparel readily affordable for the wider market. Ninety percent of UNIQLO products are manufactured in China. Production facilities were relocated to China is. The collaborative design project with Jil Sander

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