Marketing Essay

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1. ________ determines what the advertising message will say or communicate.
A= Creative Strategy.

2. It’s used for how the message strategy will be executed?
A= Creative Tactics.

3. Mention the 3 of the 5 steps of Young’s model of the creative process.
A= Immersion, Digestion, Incubation, Illumination & Reality/Verification.

4. ________________ it’s process that involves conducting research and gathering all relevant information about a client’s product or service, brand, and consumer in the target audience.
A= Account Planning.

5. Mention some techniques use in the verification and revision stage of the creative process.
A= Focus groups, Message communication studies, Portfolio tests, and Evaluation
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What is the first thing you must do before developing your market plan?
A= you must firs search your potential market (market research)

3. What is market research?
A= Is the process of gathering information which will make you more aware of how the people you hope to sell to will react to your current product or service.

4. What are the 4 P’s ?
A= Product, Price, Placement, Promotion.

5. When can Market Research be conducted?
A= a) start-ups b) Opening a new location
c) increasing production levels
d) introducing new lines of production
6. How to design a questioner?
A= 1. keep as short and simple as possible 2. Brief an easy questions to understand 3. Use Open-ended questions. 4. Avoid using compound 5. Make sure your questions can be answered

7. What are open-ended questions ?
A= Allow respondants to answer freely using their own words

8. Mention one method to ensure your questioner is understandable for the customer.
A= Pre-test your questioner

9. What type of survey questions exist and which are they?
A= Open Questions and closed questions

10. what are the advantages and disadvantages of open ended questions?
A= they have an open response and they ask for an explanation “why”

11. What are the advantages and disadvantages of closed questions?
A= they are more precise in their response and does not have the reason “why”
12. What are the products

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