Marketing Essay

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------------------------------------------------- CHAPITRE 1: INTRODUCTION AU MARKETING

Science très récente: 19ème siècle aux Etats-Unis, après la deuxième guerre mondial en France.
« Marketing is the task of creating, promoting and delivering goods and services, to customers and businesses”. _Philip Kotler
“Marketing is to satisfy needs at profit”. _Philip Kotler
“Marketing contributes to achieving objectives of organizations whilst creating, reveling and promoting value for customers”. _Levy Lindon

“Marketing is the process by which companies create value for costumers and build strong customers relationships is order to capture value from customers in return”. _Kutler * The VMOST theory
Vision (valide au moins 5
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CO2 foot print) -Marketing with a non profit goal -e-commerce = e-Marketing

Conclusion: The attention of marketing has shifted


A) Positioning
Positioning: -a keystone of whole marketing mix; -desire of the company to occupy pre-defined space in customers’ minds

* Le Marketing Mix doit suivre 3 aspects:
-Policy :Positioning is a policy, all actions are there to influence the customer’s perception and is not a result nor a condition.
-Global Strategic Choice
-Predefined perception (the product offered must be considered as credible, different and attractive).

* Two complementary positioning dimensions:
-Identification: l’entreprise choisit un endroit bien spécifique sur le marché (« catégorie »)
-Differentiation : par rapport aux produits concurrents, what are the distinctives features that the company wants to hear from its customers.
They are 2 types of categories: -imposed -by choice (either relative advantage on my product over competing products or I have a relative credibility to identify my product to the chosen universe)

3 essential factors:
1. Audiences/Expectations

2. The potential / 3. Positioning of the product assets competing

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