Marketing Essay

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Task One: Marketing
Erik Toth
Western Governor’s University

A1. New products and services Owning a Christmas tree farm, you must always be looking for new places to market and sell your product. As part of the strategy we will be looking to market Christmas trees to Mexico. Most only think of Christmas trees as the cut tree you place in your house during the holiday season for roughly two weeks. There are other avenues of sales that Christmas trees farms don’t realize that has a huge potential of revenue production. Christmas trees can be dug out of the ground to have a root ball; this enables the tree to be replanted at a later time when the weather and conditions apply. There is another part of the business that I will
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Most soon found that to not be so true. They failed to realize all the care that goes into growing a tree: from spraying chemicals so that bugs don’t kill the tree, to simply shearing the tree for it to keep its shape. One of my biggest competitors in the market is only 20 miles away. This company has only been around for 18 years and does not have the experience of growing for 65 years like my company. With these years of experience we know what type of tree to plant in which field as it will grow better there than anywhere else. We know exactly which chemical to spray when depending on temperature, wind and time of year. All of this produces a thicker, fuller Christmas tree which every customer is more interested in. Secondly in discussing with the end user on the mailings and phone calls we discovered that they are unhappy with our competitor’s trees; they turn brown early and needles fall off earlier leading to not being able to be sold. Our trees have been known to last well over three months after being cut before turning brown or losing needles. This is also true of our wreaths, seeing the branches come from our trees the same holds true. Longer lasting and a much fuller tree places ours at the top of the product list. While launching these products in another country there will always be inherent risks, just as there are with your products being sold at the corner store. While moving products locally you have a lower risk of losing product and

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