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Women in Islam & Feminist Politics*

Female, Male, Hon Eng

Fall 2013

COURSE INFORMATION | Course Name: Women in Islam Semester: Fall 2013
Department: International Affairs College: Arts and Sciences | Course Code: INTA 203
CRN Code: L51, L01 Section: 13698, 14448 Core Curriculum: Elective | Day(s) and Time(s): MW 9.30-10 MW 2-3.15 Venue: Sharia 0147 Biz D203 | Credit Hours: 3 Prerequisites: None | COURSE DESCRIPTION | This course ‘Women in Islam and Feminist
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| KnowledgeWill be able to identify the role and rights of women in Islam | Midterm ExamFinal Exam | Facilitate tracing changes that Islam has brought to human society and what humans, on the other hand, brought to Islam. | ComprehensionWill be able to distinguish between cultural norms and religious obligations as they relate to Muslim women. | Team Power Point Presentation | Enabling students to analyze the cause and effect of using verses and Hadith interpretation to affect women’s status in Islam | ApplicationWill be able to demonstrate how cultures have influenced concepts of Muslim identity by examining one issue related to women in Islam in two or more different Muslim societies. | Participation BlogTeam Power Point Presentation | Training students to compare the different arguments relating to women’s position in Islam, and present their work orally by using media methods and teamwork. | Analysis and SynthesisWill be able to critique and deconstructcommon assumptions prevail in society and public discourse and those made by both Muslim and non-Muslim scholars of the role of women within Islam. | Verse commentary Exam (Final) | | DELIVERY METHODS | The course will be delivered through a combination of active learning strategies. These will include: * PowerPoint lectures and active classroom based discussion * Collaborative learning through small groups acting in an interdisciplinary context * Relevant

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