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2Executive summary 4 1.0 Introduction 5 1.1 Problem statement 6 1.2 Delimitations 6 1.3 Report structure 6 1.4 Methodology 7 2.0 Market research 8 2.1 Background for Research 8 2.2 Research questions: 10 2.3 Information needs / Variables 10 2.4 Delimitation/Scope 11 2.5 Research Design 11 2.6 Research Question Outcome 13 2.7 Statistical analysis 18 3.0 Culture 19 3.1 National Culture 19 3.2 Organizational culture: 22 4.0 Marketing 25 4.1 Introduction 25 4.2 Defining the Market 26 4.3 SWOT Analysis - Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of the chosen market 27 4.4 PEST factors - Political, Economic, Social and Technological Factors 28 4.5 Segmentation - Defining
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While they are mostly known for their spring rolls their product line also includes Mexican and traditional Danish food. The products are made of quality materials and made with health and convenience in mind.
1.1 Problem statement
The frozen ethnic food producer Daloon asked our team to develop and conduct a market research about an international market that is not yet covered by the Company in terms of supply and export. The core problem or question is, if there is a country or market that provides suitable conditions for Daloon to enter and by analyzing demographical, behavioral- and social issues, find out what would be the best way to target and position the products in that market in order to have a successful and positive market development of Daloon. So in our case we are going to analyze India, especially Delhi, in the mentioned aspects in order to evaluate the current and prospective market situation and then be able to give a counsel about if Daloon should enter that market and how it would be advisable.
1.2 Delimitations
This research focuses on aspects regarding the economy, current situation and development of India; by means of the capital Delhi. Moreover the gathered information is supposed to provide insights into the cultural, behavioral and consumption decisions of potential target groups within the market. The outcome is supposed to be supportive

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