Marketing: The Strength And Function Of Corporate Culture

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Corporate Culture
Corporate culture is something which defines as the sum of attitude, behavior, beliefs, and tradition of an organization. Corporate culture of any organization decides the way employees think of and the way they behave to any situation in the company. If culture of any company is positive then employees must be having commitment and dedication to their work. In the good corporate culture every body feel connected with the organization goal and having no conflict with the organizational goal. In a good and strong corporate culture there is no acceptability for any behavior patterns which deviates individuals from their organizational goal. Strong organizational culture binds together the people and contributes to smoother functioning of organization. Strength and effectiveness of any organization culture decides the performance of the organization.
Marketing oriented culture: Marketing as a reflection of corporate culture addresses the degree to which the customer’s values and beliefs are embedded within the organization and in
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So these kind of diversification definitely help the organization to hold the strong grip in the business by the providing the diversified product of same category. In the concentric strategy nature of product will be same in terms of product nature, manufacturing, consumption, price, distribution and promotion. For an example organization is manufacturing the soft drink product and adding another product in the line to provide the choices to customer. So these kind of strategy help the organization to build provide the choices among the so that customer can choose what he wants as per the need. So by doing this organization will be able to provide the maximum satisfaction to customer and can enhance its performance as

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