Essay on Marketing Technology And Service Company

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Introduction Acxiom is a technology and service company that was founded in Conway, Arkansas in 1969. Acxiom is a marketing technology and service company that offers a variety of services to their clients. They offer their clients services such as: database management, multichannel marketing, information and marketing management services, and addressable advertising. Acxiom obtains data from businesses and their customers, analyze it and then shares the data with their clients in order to help their clients company’s be more successful. Acxiom is already located in a few places internationally, but there is not one in Korea. Korea has a strong need for Acxiom because according to (McGlade, 2014), over the past few decades Korea has advanced a lot economically. They’ve been developed and exporting very fascinating electronic devices. Korea is a still a small young country just getting started, but they need an Acxiom because businesses in Korea need to be able to figure out what type of products and advertisements their consumers want. If businesses in Korea increase their marketing techniques and their customer base, they will be able to compete globally with other very powerful countries.
It would be best to use an international strategy. An international strategy would best fit Acxiom because they would only need to alter their services at a minimum level in order to Korean businesses. An international strategy, according to (Hall ,2013, p. 360) is defined as…

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