Essay on Marketing Techniques Of Pop Up Stores

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In order to successfully revitalize the UK high street, Pop Up stores need to fulfill the needs of the consumer. Gordan defines Pop Up stores as “a marketing environment which is highly experiential, focused on promoting a brand or product line, available for a short time period, and generally in smaller venues that foster more face-to-face dialogue with brand representatives” (Gordon, 2004). Recognizing the importance of experiential marketing techniques used in Pop Up stores gives the brand the ability to draw the consumer into their store, keep them in their store and hopefully create a loyal relationship with the brand. In this essay the importance of understanding the critical nature of in-store ambience of Pop Up stores in regards to involving the five senses, employing interactive brand representatives and creating a competitive advantage is discussed as ways to save the high street.
When planning to revitalize the high street using Pop Up stores, retailers need to understand why experiential marketing is key. According to Varely and Rafiq (2014), it is necessary for retailers to be aware of consumer behaviour and motivation while shopping as soley focusing on the product is not enough anymore. Consumer behaviour and motivation can be defined as "the study of the processes involved when individuals or groups select, purchase, use or dispose of products, services, ideas or experiences to satisfy needs or desires" (Solomon, 2013, p. 3). Positive consumer behaviour…

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