Marketing Tactics Of The Advertising Essay

2267 Words Dec 6th, 2016 10 Pages
Have you ever been emotionally invested in an ad? Does the ad make you feel a connection with the brand? Emotions are the reason why consumers purchase products. Whether it is name brand or generic and store brand, we still feel the need to purchase the products after analyzing the ingredients and price. Most individuals believe that the choices they make is out of rational analysis. They view the ones that are most available according to certain situation. Regardless of rational thinking, in reality, emotions make the biggest impact in our decisions. They determine what we really want instead of what we think want. Advertisers shifts to different marketing tactics to bring in more consumers. Funny and catchy advertisements appeal more to the public than any other ad. They are the main source of marketing in the industry. Nowadays, advertisers try to shift on the other side of the spectrum. In order for advertisers to sell their products, they need the consumers to feel moved to buy the product. They want us feel emotional and care about the big things in our lives. Sad advertising is the change of pace for consumers to witness. The sad adverting is effective because the results are more bitter-sweet. An example of sad advertising is a Thai life insurance commercial called “Silence of Love.” Through this commercial, advertisers try to appeal to the demographics of Thailand by the use of affecting our moods, music, stereotypes, commentary, and connection with the…

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