Essay on Marketing Strategy

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Marketing Strategy
Heidi Moss
Linda Hagler-Reid

Marketing Strategy
Health Spa launching a new weight loss treatment is the product that I have picked to address in my marketing strategy. Most Health spas are resorts that you have to travel to. They have stress free weight loss, ocean side yoga, medically supervised detox and more. There are ten resorts that are rated the best in America for its Health spa weight loss treatment.
1). Hilton Head Health Weight loss spa South Carolina
2). Cooper Wellness Program, Texas
3). Cal-a-vie Health spa California
4). Canyon Ranch, Arizona
5). ‘The Biggest Loser’ Resort at fitness Ridge, Utah
6). Pritikin Longevity Center and Spa, Florida
7). Green Mountain at Fox
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You want to target people wanting to do the program and stick with it, you don’t want people to drop out after a short period of time you’re trying to build cliental. You want a strong audience so you can have a large line of clients lined up to join your program. Analyze how consumers communicate health care access options. Technology has been changing health care for some time including how we communicate with one another. This also allows providers to send emails and texts that meets HIPAA requirements. Analyzing the implications of communication methods used when sharing health information. Electronic patient communications, such as emails, text messaging and social media is on the rise in health care. The world we live in has an increasing rise in the electronic world. Physicians and pharmacies can send information to and from each other safely without risking the patient’s information getting exposed. Analyze the impact government agencies have on product and services that are available to the health care consumer. Government agencies have a huge impact on all products and services that are available to the health care consumers. They have to make sure everything is safe for the consumers. They protect the consumers from their information getting into the wrong hands. Analyze the effects of health care reform on the health care consumer products and services. Health care reform helps

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