Essay about Marketing Strategy for Oral Hygine Product

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Marketing Strategy
MKT306 Assignment

July 2010 University of Sunderland, UK Joey Kwan Lay Kuan Student ID: 089111572

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Assignment Questions 1

Abbreviations Report 1.0 Executive Summary

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2.0 Terms of Reference 3.0 Corporate Objective 4.0 Situational Analysis 4.1 Industry Analysis 4.2 SWOT Analysis 4.3 Competitive Advantage and Core Competencies 5.0 Recommendations 5.1 Segmentation Targeting and Positioning 5.2 Marketing Objectives and Goals 5.3 Marketing Strategies and Programmes 5.3.1 Product 5.3.2 Pricing 5.3.3 Place 5.3.4 Promotion 6.0 Conclusion Reference Appendix

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MKT306 Marketing Strategy

Assignment Questions
This is an individual assignment
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Many foreign direct investments are attracted to do business in Singapore due to its strategic location, excellent infrastructure, highly skilled workforce and opened economic policies initiated by the state. Being highly-skilled and well-educated, Singapore workforce is well-paid in the commercial world thus made them generally affluent spenders (refer appendix F). It is also reported that there are more millionaires in Singapore.8 Thus Listerine can benefit from Singapore's purchasing power by formulating strategic marketing plans and engagements that appeal to its local target market.

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Singapore Department of Statistics The Straits Times, ‘Rise in millionaires here’, 24 June 2010
Student ID: 089111572 Page 6

Student: Joey Kwan Lay Kuan

MKT306 Marketing Strategy

3.0 Corporate Objective
This report will focus on product Listerine Smart Rinse, an anticavity fluoride rinse that cleans up what brushing may have missed for kids ages six and older. The purpose of the proposal is to recommend marketing strategy to

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