Volkswagen: The People's Car Company In Germany

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In 1937, the government of Germany was under the control of Adolf Hilter from the national Socialist (Nazi) party. The government forms a stated-owned automobile company, known as Volkswagenwerk, or “The People’s Car Company.” Hitler's goals were to develop and mass produce an affordable car. At that time, Hitler's hired an Austrian automotive engineer Ferdinand Porsche. In 1939, it was the first time the vehicle was showed to the public at Berlin Motor Show. Not long after the Berlin Motor Show, World War II began and the production was halted. War ended, the factory was collapse and that make the government resuscitate the Germany automotive industry.
The sale in the United States was slower than other countries. However, after the Car "Beetle"
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Volkswagen strategy is brand differentiation from others and through their strategy, it has created a positive brand image. In addition, the brands reach out to the consumer from corporate executives to family members. By targeting different consumer needs, Volkswagen produces different car models in different categories. Volkswagen emphasis on strong emotional selling proposition (ESP) and Volkswagen mean “people car” in German which consumers will relate with.
Volkswagen logo was the most recognised car logo worldwide. It consists of two letters V and W, the letter was in the circle and letters are white colour and the circle is blue. White colour represents creativity and perfection blue represent reliability and excellence.

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Consumer perception of Volkswagen car is small and prestigious vehicles. Although Volkswagen own many other automotive brands such as Audi, Bentley, Lamborghini and many other brands, consumers perspective toward Volkswagen brand will not associate with Audi, Bentley, Lamborghini and many other brands. Volkswagen segment to different need of consumer such as small car have Polo, Beetle and Golf and Touran, Tiguan and Sharan are more for family used.

Design philosophy and style
The body shape of Volkswagen Beelte is most iconic shape in automobile industry. Volkswagen Beelte was designed by Prosche, it was Hilter idea to have a car looked like beelte and he sketched his design for the Beelte. The car able to carry 5 people( 2 adult and 3 children). Beetle is a unique car as the engine is at the back of the car. Till today, Beelte is still a popular car. It could be the influence by the retro theme. Morden Beetle the seat is lower and wider, the roof look flatter and have a spoiler at the rear end.


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