Marketing Strategy Of Scrumptious Smoothies Essay

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Simply Scrumptious Smoothies Time to make a change. Time to give your body the nutrition it deserves. Time to step into Simply Scrumptious Smoothies. Our mission is to provide high quality healthy, refreshing and tasty fruit and vegetable smoothies to health conscious consumers looking for convenient fast-food alternative. We will explore Simply Scrumptious Smoothies marketing strategy, which is built on the 7 principles(7Ps) of marketing. The art of marketing is the ongoing exchange communicating with consumers by educating, informing and building a relationship over time. In this paper I will explore Simply Scrumptious Smoothies marketing strategy using The Chartered Institute of Marketing summary of the 7Ps of marketing: product, price, place, promotion, people, process and physical evidence.
Product, Price, Place, and Promotion Simply Scrumptious Smoothies offers a grab and go healthy product aligned with the increasing health trend offering an alternative to unhealthy fast-food industry. After considerable research and the advice of the first principle of marketing stated by The Chartered Institute of Marketing (2009) “There is no point in developing a product or service that no one wants to buy”( p. 4).Simply Scrumptious Smoothies developed an affordable easy health convenience product for a targeted market- the healthy conscious consumer. Ehmeke, Fulton, and Lusk (n.d.) advises the product you offer “should meet the needs of a particular target market”(p.1). Our…

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