Essay on Marketing Strategy Of Domino 's Pizza

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In the global marketplace, franchises must accommodate to the demographic of countries to meet its cultural needs and its customers preferences. Domino’s Pizza, acclimatizes and adapts their restaurants and menu offerings based on its global locations. Domino’s has worked on expanding in hundreds of new locations worldwide and has done an effort to improve their menus to succeed over their rivals. As a result of its efforts, Domino’s Pizza has become the second world 's leader in pizza sales. After analyzing Domino’s market’s in the United States, India, and Japan it is clear how a global franchise must continuously adapt to customers tastes and continue to grow its market in order to remain competitive worldwide.
Domino’s is the number one pizza delivery system in the United States with 4,900 restaurants spread across the United States. There is a high demand for Domino’s since pizza is usually considered an inexpensive food option in the United States and a large population of Americans prefer it. Consumers in the United States like to use Domino’s late night online delivery option in which they can even see their delivery process through the website.
According to Marketline, labor costs may pose a threat to early revenue as a result of labor laws. Its website states, “Domino 's generates majority of its revenues from the United States and has most of its employees in the country. Hence, increasing labor wages in the United States may increase Domino 's overall costs…

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