Marketing Strategy Of Branding Within The Health Care Spectrum

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Introduction. "A successful brand is defined as a name, symbol, design or some combination of these, which identifies the 'product ' of a particular organization as having sustainable differential advantage" (Kent, 2003, p. 132). Arguably, branding in health care can be considered more important compared to any other industry. The reason rests behind the philosophy of health care pertaining to an individual 's most prized treasure: life. A health care organization 's brand should facilitate a deep level of trust and respect to its consumers. Without it, patients will be more reluctant to place his/her life in the hands of a caregiver. The ensuing research describes the importance and use of branding within the health care spectrum, paving the way for continued quality health care.
The Use of Branding. The marketing strategy of branding adds numerous advantages for many health care organizations. In order to capitalize on branding, organizations must successfully utilize its techniques in opportunistic circumstances. For instance, branding can be beneficial when a health care organization struggles with member loyalty, both internally and externally. Within the organization, employee retention is critical in maintaining a positive image during patient care. For example, research (Pinkerton, 2002) into branding of nursing care within health care organizations emphasizes the importance of building employee morale and professional integrity. Health care marketers can use…

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