Marketing Strategy by Pizza Hut Essay

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Pizza Hut, the world’s largest Pizza chain with over 12000 pizza restaurants and delivery outlets worldwide has the vision of becoming the best branded restaurant with the best delivery and franchise network thereby providing the best food and best value to the families. Pizza Hut as a company has always tried to target and satisfy various diverse customer categories in different countries depending upon various factors and situations. Pizza Hut in order to fulfill its marketing objective of maximizing customer satisfaction by providing high quality products, has believed in the following marketing strategy: “Think Global, Act Local”
Pizza Hut has tried to target each and every diverse population segment either on the
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Strong Commitment Strategy:
Pizza Hut has been operating in the pizza market by realizing all economies of scale in promotion, distribution and manufacturing facilities. If Papa John’s or Little Caesars come out with a new competitive pricing strategy or innovative product, then Pizza Hut quite aggressively fights back by bringing more competitive prices or better innovations in product category. In simple words, Pizza Hut takes all possible measures to defend its leadership position in the market.
Pizza Hut: An Overview of the “Product Strategy”
“Product Strategies specify a market needs that may be served by different products offerings”.
Product Positioning Strategy-Pizza Hut has always followed Single brand positioning strategy wherein it has positioned only its pizzas. Although the positioning statement has been different in different countries but it has always hovered around its “PIZZAS”. For instance, in Canada, its positioning statement is “The best tasting pizzas under one roof ” which reflects great variety of pizza being served , in China it has positioned on “Dine-in restaurants”, in Australia, it is “made fresh, served hot and on time” which reflects that best of ingredients are used and pizza is delivered on time.
Product-Scope strategy:
Pizza Hut follows a “multiple product strategy” as pizza hut not only sells pizzas, but also deals in a variety of other products as although all the product offerings in pizza hut are not as fast moving as

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