Marketing Strategy And Mission Of Laundry And Home Care Market

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Henkel is a Germany-based company with business interests in the following industry: laundry and home care, cosmetics/toiletries, and adhesives. The company operates each industry with a separate business unit, which operates independently to each other. The most well-known industry, which Henkel operates in, is Laundry and home care – due to a positive market outlook, potential growth opportunities in emerging markets and big profits to be made. All of these factors lead to fierce competitions between big brands from around the world, such as Unilever from Netherland, S.C Johnson Son from USA and Kao from Japan, etc. This essentially leads to a unique strategy and mission statement implemented by a company in order to be successful within the industry.

Henkel’s strategy in Laundry and Home care market is “Build” mission as per BCG’s mission model. Their LHC was only a small player within the laundry and home care market when comparing to Unilever in terms of market share and product portfolio, as the company only focus narrowly on top performing brands. However, the company’s goal is to achieving a full business potential, focusing more on their customer and strengthening their global team. Thus, it allows this business unit to be financially success over the years- and has a potential growth to diversify into different geographical regions, especially emerging markets.

Unilever is a Netherlands-based multinational company and operates in 100 countries around the world.…

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