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I. INTRODUCTION TO STRATEGY Strategy is a long-term and future-oriented plan which interacts in the competitive environment in order to achieve company goals. (Thomson, 2003)
Picture 1: Three levels of Strategy

Source: Created by author An organisation contains three-levels of strategy. The top hierarchy refers the corporate-level strategies that attempts to make use of the firm’s unique competencies by accepting a portfolio to the business management by developing long term plans. And the middle is the decision-making hierarchy at business-level that translates the statement’s direction and generates corporate-level strategies for business units or SBUs. And the bottom hierarchy is
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People & Values- are considered as the greatest assets. Human health and well being has been powered by the company in every invention, every product and in every breakthrough.
Business Segments- J&J has three business segments which are Consumer, Pharmaceutical and Diagnostics.

Competitive Advantages of J&J The following are the key factors considered its success. * Economies of scale * Brand equity & strengths * Large Financial resources * Product differentiation& diversification * Global sales competencies * Cost-synergies from business acquisitions.

Management Objectives The primary objective of J&J is to attain superior levels of principal and an efficient growth. In order to achieve those profitable growths, the company operates its business with definite tactical principles. Thus, company concentrates in the human health-care and its growth areas to attain leadership positions in the development of new and innovative products and services. In the past five years the new products were reported about 25% of sales in the last year (2009). Nearly $7billion was spent for research & development. The assets and fundamentals of the company’s success are managed in a decentralized manner with operations in 60 countries. The management also promotes an

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