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Unit 10 Project
“Tried and True”
Budweiser’s Marketing Strategies
Endure through the Decades

Jacqueline M. Milohnic

CM 105-17

Budweiser utilizes a broad range of marketing strategies in order to anchor a wide spectrum of consumers who continuously find themselves identifying with the ever changing characteristics of their mascots. “The Budweiser tradition of the total, marketing concept remains a constant. In areas including sports marketing and entertainment, Budweiser reigns supreme.” (Marketing Hall of Fame, NY AMA, 2005). Budweiser has consistently been the top selling beer on the globe for the past 39 years. Budweiser leverages its cleverly written advertisements to entice such
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Anhuser-Busch scored a victory in a year when most advertisers were particularly careful about using off color or crude subject matter, as Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction through the sensors and many family viewers into an uproar the previous year. This ad consisted of a sight gag which takes place inside an airplane, when a skydiver is afraid to jump. In a desperate attempt to lure him out of the plane, a fellow skydiver throws a six pack of Budweiser out the exit door. The fearful jumper remains in the plane but the pilot jumps out. This commercial is an interesting example of a crossover from the sports-minded beer drinker to the supposedly responsible pilot. This advertisement won USA Today’s exclusive admeter consumer ranking of the top Super Bowl ads in 2005. In addition the infamous Louie and Frankie, who evoke a feeling of humor, and a sense of camaraderie through their clever antics and memorable mis- adventures. According to, a run of enormously effective television commercials featuring talking lizards and TV – obsessed couch potatoes did much to consolidate the brands position between 1995 and 2002, and also boosted the beer’s profile with a wider global audience. These two characters often appear with the ferret, singing, “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”, illustrating their interest in sports. Another well known commercial involved the good natured ribbing between buddies when Louie ridicules the frogs as they practice

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